Friday, April 22, 2016

Food Find Friday / Giveaway :My Bakers Box

Today is a great day not only is it Food Find Friday, it’s also a Giveaway day. We’ve teamed up with My BakersBox for this first ever giveaway that you guys are sure to love.

Okay so first … What is it? It’s pretty self-explanatory. My Bakers Box is a month to month subscription box that has unique little cookie cutters, fondants, icings, and decorative items for you to get inspired with.

We’re fortunate enough to live in a big city but even so when we want to get certain specialty items it can be a real pain. My Bakers Box helps you get your collection of specialty items started without having to leave your house. Their subscriptions start at $25 a month for one month but they give you a discount for signing up for several months up front. The longer you subscribe for the bigger the discount. That’s pretty cool.
Now what came in this month’s box? This month’s box had an April Showers bring May Flowers theme.

It had an umbrella and sunburst cookie cutter. Sugar pearls. Cupcake liners. Some purple fondant and blue icing.

 And these adorable ladybug and bee sugar accents.

This is a great subscription for the dabblers who are curious about baking but don’t want to commit, and the veterans who love getting creative. It would also be great for girls nights or family nights. Definitely a fun product for everyone. Its  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from Simply Made it. Check them out at and use the coupon code SIMPLYFREE to get a free item included in your first box!

Giveaway Time!
The giveaway will be held on Instagram.
To win you must be a Simplymadeit and Mybakersbox follower.
Comment and a tag a friend who might want to enter the giveaway under the post.
On 5/6/16 we will use a randomizer to “pull” a number.We will screenshot it and post the picture on Instagram.
Just FYI we will be counting the first commenter as 1 the second as 2 and so on.
If we pull your number and you are not a follower of Simplymadeit and Mybakersbox or have not tagged a friend, you will be disqualified and we will pull another number.
The winner will win a 1 month subscription from Mybakersbox! So comment and tag tag tag!

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