Friday, April 29, 2016

Food Find Friday: MunchPak

So this week ends the subscription  box series. The last box I will be review is from Munchpak. Munchpak Is similar to Japan Crate. What makes Munchpak different  is that it contains treats from all over the world.

Now I know what you are thinking treats are treats. How different can they be? Well let me tell you Munchpak was definitely an experience in a box. Take "Miaow Miaow Potatoe Chips" They look like regular chips but the taste and texture were different from anything I've ever tasted. They where airy kinda like a cheese puff but without the cheese.

There was also tons of candy. My favorite was the Mui-Bon.
It tasted like a Twix and Reeses had a baby!!

And don't get me started on the cookies. For instance the "Amsterdam Good Cookie" was so darn GOOD! There was this one product that I could not find name that tasted like a deep fried garlic bread stick with the texture of a cheese puff and ramen noodle after taste. It sounds weird but taste delicious.

You guys, there is so much in this box. If you guys want to play Russian Roulette : Snack Edition you must try this box. Four stars from us only because it doesn't include a sheet or something that tells you where the snacks came from or what they are.

If your interested in buying a Munchpak here is the link!!

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